Wordpress and PHP developer - Stockholm, Sweden

Anastasya Toughbyte

Our client created a unique platform to inspire and educate potentially millions of people how to massively improve and maintain health and quality of life. This platform provides everything needed to lose weight: simple guides, recipes, step-by-step plans.

They are looking for a Senior Wordpress developer with good knowledge of PHP to join their team in Stockholm. This is a great opportunity to impact people's lives through coding and improve your technical skills alongside experienced developers from around the world.

What you’ll do

You will design and develop WordPress stack, as part of the site team;
You will help build their infrastructure to be faster, more stable, and more modern;
You will support their primary mission – to deliver valuable content and services to the members to help them improve their health

You are a great fit if

You have a lot of experience working in a fast-moving team and continuously delivering quality tested code;
You are a pragmatic doer with a focus on quality;
You are self-going and want to take on lots of responsibility;
Finally, you are someone who wants to actually contribute to making the world better


WordPress (PHP/MySQL)
Microservices built with Go & Kubernetes/Docker
Deployed on Amazon’s AWS cloud


up to 55k SEK (https://statsskuld.se/en-sv/jobs/berakna-nettolon)

Technical requirements

5+ years PHP development experience
Very good understanding of the full WordPress stack
Having contributed to the core WordPress projects is a strong plus


Overtime compensation of 50% per extra hour worked;
Possibility for international travel;
Compensation of work-related tools (computer, mobile phone);
Awesome office with a great view in the middle of Stockholm.

More info: https://toughbyte.com/developers/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=recruiter&utm_campaign=pernikova#position-265617

Telegram: @pernikovanastya
Mail: anastasiya.pernikova@toughbyte.com


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Команда форума
55-35%/12=$3k в месяц... -1.5к квартира, 400 коммуналка, 200 страховка, 200 транспорт - сравнимо с $1000 в месяц у нас

интересно, что значит "Possibility for international travel"? вообще, у нас какой процент среди программистов тех, кто хотят, но не могут ездить за границу?
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oncle terrible
Команда форума
Это в кронах, и я так понимаю, что в месяц. порядка $3.5-4К на руки, если я ничего не путаю.

Куда больше меня пугают требуемые скиллы.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Команда форума
только для тебя )))

Стокгольм намного дороже и Москвы, и Берлина, то есть, эта зарплата - как $1000 в Мск

для скандинавского социализма с 30% уровнем безработицы - нормально
должен же кто-то кормить этих беженцев, которых понабижало уже 18% всего населения
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